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S&W M945 945 magazine, new / unused Performance Center Model magazine Original Style

I been hoarding a New & Unused Performance Center M945 magazine for a couple years and now I've begun thinning down some of my hoards these past dew weeks. - $44.00 shipped

I have M945 original magazine for sale, since I don't see me getting one anytime in the next decade be that I already have both like new SW1911 & a 645, and I've come to conclusion that I'd have to part with one to get a M945 and I simply don't want to do it they both mean special things to me.

I know Smith did re-run these as a replacement but they didn't have the same marking as the originally issued ones. This one, please see the pics, is an original issue that came with the gun new, NOT a re-run. I have not used it, played wit it or anything it just been sitting in my safe. It may have had shell or two loaded in it from the original owner it does look like that is possible but I can't be sure either way but clearly hasn't seen any use in my opinion. I purchased from the original owner that lost the gun in the divorce and kept the magazine until I talked him out of it, with the firm understanding that she was not to get it, haha.

I've tried to find a value on it all over the web but they're just aren't any available from what I can find.

I'm told they will work in the 645 & 4506 but its not recommended because of the multi-latch slot catch that they use, I know 645 & 4506 magazines don't latch in the M945.

I've decide to mark it down as low I'm willing to let it go for - $44.00 shipped HERE, I did list it on eBay at a higher cost to cover all the fees and such, I'd rather sell it here for less to another enthusiast of S&W.

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