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@crescentmotor DO NOT BUY YOUR FIANCE A GUN!!!! LET HER PICK OUR HER OWN. You will both be much happier. There are dozens and dozens of threads here and on most other forums about this subject. Take some time and read them, please.

I have a .380 EZ. It is a fun gun. FOR RANGE FUN. No way is it reliable enough for me to trust it for carry or home defense.

I have two SIG P238's. Yes, two. I carry one 24/7 everywhere legal except in the shower in at night in bed. They have been totally reliable. They are EASY to rack, a snap to load the magazines if you buy a Mini Uplula, and they have a really super nice smooth trigger pull!

After having rented several guns including EZ 9mm and also shooting my EZ .380, one of my shooting buddies was about to buy an EZ 9mm. Then she shot my P238. She is now the proud and happy owner of her own P238.

I simply can NOT recommend the EZ pistols for anything except range fun. And they ARE fun!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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