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I've had a EZ380 for a couple of years now and have put hundreds of rounds through it of various brands of ammo and have not had one stove pipe and I can't recall having a failure to feed. I have 7 magazines for it and they all work as they should. It is a fun gun to shoot and my wife likes it (except for the grip safety) and is more accurate with it than I am.

I think you can find all guns have people that will say they have had problems with it and those that haven't (like me), which is one reason I go more by how a gun works for me rather than what I read, although I do research for information on any I'm interested in. Unless there are real safety or mechanical issues with a gun, it really comes down to a personal choice... that's why there are so many types and brands to choose from.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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