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S&W M&P 380 EZ Issues

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In research last year for a gun for my fiancee's use, I was focused on a semi-automatic that has a slide that is relatively easy to rack. After some consideration of a Walther PK 380, I eventually settled on the S&W M&P 380 EZ that seemed like a good choice, not only for the easy racking, but also for the easy of loading the magazine and other features. A problem arose when, on numerous sites, I kept reading about users having failures to load the last bullet in the magazine along with stovepipe issues. It seems quite a few buyers were having to return their guns to S&W with the problem seemingly being related to the magazines and possibly spring, lip, or follower components. I understand S&W sent these users various different springs but the problems persisted.

I am still interested in this gun but only if it is reliable for concealed carry purposes; that is, the chances of a failure to fire are relatively remote. I understand that changes were made to the new M&P 9 EZ magazine that eliminates the failure to fire issue. Does anyone know whether S&W has successfully addressed the failure to load/stove piping 380 EZ issues in the guns presently being sold? I understand the new guns are coming with different springs but would love some feedback from new buyers?
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This is anecdotal but when I see a mechanism as lightly engineered internally, and then see this happen on the range I tend to pay attention.

I had a student show up at CCH class with one these brand new and after three shots it jammed so completely we could rack it to make it safe. We fired the cartridge in the chamber, and gave the student a replacement gun to qualify with. They went back to the gun shop with it.

I don't personally recommend the EZ platform. Stick with the regular M&P in full size, compact or Shield in version 1.0 or 2.0 and you'll more likely have a reliable self defense firearm.

Smith and Wesson has practiced "brand pollution" for years - marketing what I consider to be inferior firearms and excellent firearms under the same basic branding. Unfortunately, things vary from model to model, and from individual firearm to the next coming off the line.
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@crescentmotor DO NOT BUY YOUR FIANCE A GUN!!!! LET HER PICK OUR HER OWN. You will both be much happier. There are dozens and dozens of threads here and on most other forums about this subject. Take some time and read them, please.

I have a .380 EZ. It is a fun gun. FOR RANGE FUN. No way is it reliable enough for me to trust it for carry or home defense.

I have two SIG P238's. Yes, two. I carry one 24/7 everywhere legal except in the shower in at night in bed. They have been totally reliable. They are EASY to rack, a snap to load the magazines if you buy a Mini Uplula, and they have a really super nice smooth trigger pull!

After having rented several guns including EZ 9mm and also shooting my EZ .380, one of my shooting buddies was about to buy an EZ 9mm. Then she shot my P238. She is now the proud and happy owner of her own P238.

I simply can NOT recommend the EZ pistols for anything except range fun. And they ARE fun!
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She will definitely pick her own. I have just done preliminary research to pick some hopefully suitable guns since she has absolutely no knowledge about guns. After I identify some candidates and we discuss the pros and cons, she will make her own decision.

I appreciate the heads up on the Sig P238. I did not realize that was an easy racking gun and I will add it to the list of possibilities. The ones I had identified thus far included the S&W EZ380 and the Walther PK380. She started out with a S&W 642 CT 38 Special revolver but the trigger pull is just too much. I suppose I could pay a gunsmith to redo the trigger but she has also developed a dislike of the limiting factor of only only five bullets.
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"I had a student show up at CCH class with one these brand new and after three shots it jammed so completely we could rack it to make it safe. We fired the cartridge in the chamber, and gave the student a replacement gun to qualify with. They went back to the gun shop with it."

It's this kind of story that sends a message that the 380EZ is probably not the gun to trust with your life on the line. It only takes one stovepipe to get a person killed/injured. The 380EZ will come off the list unless I run across some very convincing evidence that the chambering problems have been fully resolved.
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Welcome to the forum!
I've had a EZ380 for a couple of years now and have put hundreds of rounds through it of various brands of ammo and have not had one stove pipe and I can't recall having a failure to feed. I have 7 magazines for it and they all work as they should. It is a fun gun to shoot and my wife likes it (except for the grip safety) and is more accurate with it than I am.

I think you can find all guns have people that will say they have had problems with it and those that haven't (like me), which is one reason I go more by how a gun works for me rather than what I read, although I do research for information on any I'm interested in. Unless there are real safety or mechanical issues with a gun, it really comes down to a personal choice... that's why there are so many types and brands to choose from.

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Mike, you make some great points. I have researched a few of my medical issues/surgeries over the years and found that it is mostly the problems that you read about on the internet. All sorts of horror stories and then you have your surgery and everything goes splendidly well. Same with guns I suppose. Of those guns that have issues, you don't have the benefit of finding out how many of the problems were due to dirty guns, dirty ammo, incorrect ammo loads, use of reloads, limp wrists or other poor shooting techniques, use of third party magazines, etc. On any given day, one can read that Glocks suck, another manufacturer has diluted its brand with poor quality control, only women and male wimps buy S&W EZs, only idiots use revolvers for concealed carry, etc. That being said, forums like this offer plenty of valuable and very helpful information.
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