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S&W .40 cal compact magazine

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I just purchased a .40cal compact a few days ago, haven't had the luxury of firing it yet though. Anyway there is a promotion that with new firearm purchase you receive two additional magazines. I am curious because the form has 2 variations of magazine options (.40 S&W Compact 10 Rd Mags - #39485 or .40 S&W/.357 10 Rd Mags - #39496) My current magazine that came with the pistol says 40 S&W and then .357 underneath. Which magazine do I need...prefer not to mess this up :lol:

thanks in advanced!!
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I am not 100% sure but I have a compact so I put the compact one. I have not got my mags in yet so I do not know if this is correct.
you are correct, thank you :cool:
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