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i was putting tax papers into the fireproof safe, and noticed the "gun file".
since i had been putting off stuffing the latest pistol permit in there i pulled the file and started looking at dates of gun purchases.
oldest for me was my model 14 on 10-28-1973, for $50. this was from my next door neighbor, a retired newark nj police officer. i bought it when i joined the local police force.
next was a charter arms AR-7 in 75, it was stolen sometime around 95 or 96
then i bought a rugar 10-22 on 10-23-81 for $79
then the S&W 916 for $120 on 8-23-82
then on 3-26-89 i bought the 629 for $575
on 3-31-90 i bought the S&W 4506 for $631
30 years fast forward and i just picked up the S&W 351PD on 1-31-2020 for $718
mixed in between these were a bunch of rifles and shotguns.
some of those being an Ithica mag 10,
Winchester model 94 in 44 mag.
model 94 in 30-30,
Browing BPS in 20 gauge,
Abercrombi & Fitch 28 gauge o/u,
Sheridan 5mm pellet gun,
Rugar model 77 in 25-06.
Thompson Center 50 cal "Hawken"
also in the collection are guns given to my father during his long career as postmaster and police officer in town by the widows .
"Bernie, there are guns in the hose somewhere. if you can find them, you can have them"
a matched set of Winchester model 37 single shot in 12 gauge and 410.
a Fox Sterlingworth side by side in 12 gauge.
a union arms side by side damascus barrel 12 gauge.
dads Crescent Firearms side by side "new empire" 16 gauge
LC Smith side by side damascus barrel 12 gauge with external hammers and individual ejectors.
JC Higgins model 20 12 gauge pump
Harrington & Richardson model 48 12 gauge.
and a Winchester model 67 single shot 22 that was stolen the same time the AR-7 was.
we also have 2 Colt police positive 38 specials, one nickle plated and one blued,
and a 4 inch S&W model 14 38 special dad carried in an ankle holster after the post office started giving him a hard time about not being armed when investigation mail box fires or resetting the alarm on the office after the squirrels set the alarm off.

the 629 Classic Magnum was custom made for Accusport arms.
7.5 inch barrel, non fluted and recessed cylinder, Hogue monogrip, orange front sight.
mine is #417 of a 750 run. from what i was told when i bought it, two did not pass quality control and were destroyed, and the serial numbers were deleted from the run making it a 748 total run.
mine had a minor issue where the cylinder would "hang" and had to be sent back, but it was fixed by milling the cylinder face flat. the cylinder face was 2 thousands off flat.
the 4506 had to be returned when new also, because of every 4-5 rounds it would "jamb" and not feed into the barrel.
this was fixed by polishing the ramps on the barrel.
after return, it has seen well over 1000 rounds through it without one glitch
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