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1. All General Posting Rules apply here!

Civil discourse in posting and replying is the rule.

2. NO GUNS TO BE BOUGHT, SOLD OR TRADED! This forum is for real ads to buy, sell or trade any other items than guns. Any other posts will be moved to other forums, or deleted outright.

3. Combine your ads!

There is only a limited amount of "front page" space. Many have multiple items to sell, or trade. You MUST combine them into one ad. Other members will appreciate the opportunity to have front page visibility too.

Abusing the spirit of this rule by posting yet another gun or item(s) every few days will not be tolerated. You may be cautioned. OR your ad(s) may be deleted without comment or recourse.

4. Only one 'bump' per day allowed!

Abusing the spirit of this rule may also result in the deletion of your ad!

5. No Auctions are allowed!

All items need a PRICE. No "make offer" ads will be allowed to run. Trades that you will accept in addition to, or in lieu of, money are also acceptable.

5(a) Links to auctions ARE Allowed!

Links to auctions or other sales outside this board are allowed, if the auction is yours then you are asked to offer it here for sale for at least three days before putting it up for auction or sale somewhere else or take the chance I may delete it.

Do not post any "Hey, take a look at". with links to Auctions, or to sales ads on other websites unless they are not yours, if it is yours then you have to follow the rule above. Do not abuse the items in this rule by having a buddy do it for you or you will regret doing that I can assure you!

6. If you have no reason to comment in an ad, then DON'T.

There are legitimate reasons to post in a For sale, For trade, Want to buy, etc., ad.
If you have an issue with someone, their style of ad, their item(s), or prices, please take it up off-line directly with that person. Or, feel free to contact a staff member with your concern.

7. Your email address is no longer required to be in your ad but is suggested. You can also select in General Settings to allow vCard Download which will automatically let members see your email.

Alternatively, using this forum's PM system is acceptable also.

8. ”Let the buyer beware” rule applies here!

9. Monitor your ad! Be sure to set a notification for your thread. If buyers can not contact you, your ad will be closed or deleted.

You need to discuss all details of your transaction with the other party prior to sending items or funds. This includes any request of an inspection period, or return privilege in the event you are not satisfied with the purchase.

The Staff here are not the classifieds police! Under no circumstances will the Staff get involved in resolving your transaction dispute. ALL rules in the “Terms of Service” will apply if there is legal action taken!
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