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Ruger vaqueros question

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I have a couple questions about about ruger vaqueros.My elderly uncle bought himself a set.He got a coach gun and a henry golden boy.He plans on getting into this cowboy shooting stuff.But his heart valves are failing and they just stuck him on oxygen.He has to have valve replacement real soon and its risky at his age 70.He sent me pictures of his guns and holsters and stuff and if he makes it through the surgery and a long recooperation. He will be off the oxygen and fairly healthy for a few more years.
But the last time I was talking to him he was saying it took him two years to scratch up enough money to buy all his gear and then his health takes a dump.He said now I cant even scrounge up enough to put some stag grips on my vaqueros.After I got off the phone I got to thinking and decided to go surfing around for stag grips for it.I found one site where a guy makes nice ones with ruger medalions for 150 bucks a set.I went to the ruger site and didnt see any at all.Nor on ebay. Then I get my new shooters catalogue from the sportsmans guide.I find genuine stag grips for 119.97 and 107.97 with the buyers club. They dont have medalions though and I was going to ask can you buy medalions? Or do you have to rob them from old grips.Also it says they fit black hawk and vaquero.I am positive he has new vaqueros and told me they are lighter and I believe he told me smaller.I know nothing about vaqueros and have never handled one the old or new.So my question is are the grips different if I order him a couple sets?
One other question is I was on the phone with a friend out in tennesee.He told me his nieghbor just bought a set of new vaqueros recently and insists they come with two sets of grips.And he got stags with it.Can you get them with stags?Like I said I looked at the ruger site and they didnt list any.My friend may be wrong but is it possible ruger has stags you can buy but you have to special order them or something?
He is a ex autobody man and is very handy with his hands and I am sure he could set the medalions if he even wants them. I plan to suprise him and havent dug around to find out.
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Please email me...I just might have some medallions that would work for you.
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