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Ruger Old Model 41 Mag

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Here is a very rare 41 mag. Serial # 397 with a 4-5/8" Barrel. Note that there is no "Inc" on the barrel address. VERY hard to find. I have seen several 6.5" non-inc guns but only a couple shortys. This one is about as close to 100% as I have seen.


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Dan that is indeed a nice looking ruger. As far as a 100 percent gun, I've seen very few leave the factory at a 100 percent. :)

Been looking for a shooter grade .41 3-screw here in Maine. No luck yet. Love that short barrel on your gun, Dan...

Hey, Dan
That's a fine and rare goodie! :ymapplause:
Any idea how many 'short tubes' like that there were in .41 magnum?
while I dont believe in 100% guns either, this one rates 99%+ in my rating system. Don RENE lists 700 total guns of without the INC on the barrel. Somewhere I seem to remember that less than 25% were short barrels as in that time era 6.5" barrels were more popular, so that would mean around 175.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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