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How many of you concel carry a S&W revolver somewhat regularly ?

For me its a choice between the Shield .45 and the 649. With less and less outside the home activity, the 649 is getting the lions share of the work..
i picked up a very dirty 649 in .38 in a local deal for cheap in 2017. It cleaned up real nice and fits my shooting well. based on the use i have gotten out of it, was a steal..

Its one of two guns in the house that are always loaded - this one with self defense 38+p - and into the front pocket it goes..

it replaced this one - an early nickel model 36 i carried almost exclusively for years.. its now a safe dweller...

The finish on the 36 has held up surprisingly well over the years and the 649 is shaping up the same.

I always use pocket carry and Mikas for the j frames.. Mika's Pocket Holsters

the rubber boot grips sure arent sexy, but are apt to the task at hand..

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Everyday carry: 940- gettin some scratches

Things are getting worrysome carry: 66-4

SHTF carry: Pre 29


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My 642 has done more pocket carry than I could have ever imagined and probably spends part of every day in my pocket but when I am out and about .. well its not a smith but a 3" ruger is most often on my belt. Mostly .. I have shot it a bunch, I can put bullets instantly where I want them and trust that gun with my life.

Dont worry about recoil springs, mag springs, bent feed lips .. I draw, point and stuff happens.

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I can't make myself like a J-frame. Lord knows I've tried. I've probably owned a half dozen or more of them. I did have a K-frame, 2" Model 12 I liked, but the aluminum frame always bothered me, so when the chance came to sell it off, I did. Darn nice gun though.

These days, if I carry a revolver, it's a 2019 Colt Cobra. Six shots, good sized grip, fiber optic front sight, very good trigger, good shooter. Not much to not like IMHO.


But to tell you the truth, I usually carry a Ruger Security Nine.

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