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Required Reading for Shooting Muzzleloaders

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Any of the various Black Powder Handbooks written and edited by Sam Fadala is a good reference. These fine books cover just about all of the questions you might have on the subject - whether it be about cap&ball 6-guns, ML shotguns, or rifles.

If you fancy Hawken Rifles, these two books by John Baird pretty well cover the subject on how a real Hawken-type rifle is constructed, how to load and shoot one, and how to build one yourself.

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Sorry I missed this posting.. Too much going on. Miss Jules is going under the knife this Monday and I've been remiss in some of my postings...

I go to the beginings on ths BP handbooks. I always like the writings of Sam Fadala and do not think you can go to wrong with one of his books. Toby Bridges is another favorite author. Both of these guys were interested in two pursuits...One was to bring the powder to the forefront again ~ in competition or in re-enactment...But both had a common interest in hunting and would rather pursue game in the Black Arts then any other.... ;)

Gizamo said:

Sorry I missed this posting.. Too much going on. Miss Jules is going under the knife this Monday....

She's on the prayer list....

She is in our prayers!

As to Sam Fadala, I like to read just about anything he writes. I do have a revised addition to his BlackPowder book, and its something I need to get back into. I've always enjoyed the C&B pistols, and need to get myself a long rifle, probably one in .36 and another in .50. I don't really care for the modern stuff. I like the old thumb busters.


Sam Fadala's other love is the Savage 99.
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