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After reading this thread, and seeing two people speak so highly of the Pet Loads book, I looked into it a little more..

It took a while, but my copy arrived today! Much bigger book than I expected. About 3 times thicker than my Lyman 48th. This book is crammed with great info!

One thing I noticed when I first started looking into buying one is that it seems there are two styles; a hardbound book and an open-leaf binder. The one I bought is the hardbound style. I'm assuming they both contain the same information?

Anyway, thanks for the tip, guys!

I spent a couple hours just paging through it this afternoon. The neatest part is the notes telling you which is the most accurate powder and load to use. Sometimes, it lists the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc most accurate..

Of course, the first page I went to is my favorite caliber...

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