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Good afternoon.

I recently acquired a 986 Pro Series 9mm (7-shot) 5-inch revolver. Nide enough gun - the DA pull is a bit more than it needs to be, and the cylinder has more play than it needs to - but I can fix the first easily, and the second maybe.

I want to replace the OEM black sights with LPA fiber optic. They're on order.

The front sight is the spring-retained type.

At the front sight mount lug on the barrel, there is of course the retainer plunger with a spring behind i in the rear. Fine.

AND in the front - there is a roll pin installed through the mount, such that the roll pin engages the front wedge on the sight.

Here's the question - why? Seems that the front sight front wedge would be fine bearing against the front of the slot, if the slot were cut appropriately. Is the roll pin necessary? Useful?

And does anyone have a couple lying around they'd sell me ?


Neil Christie
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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