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Remington Model 51 .380

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Picked up this one this past week. Came out of the estate of Jim Clark, Jr. Has a four digit serial number made in 1919. It is in excellent condition to be over 100 years old and still shoots like a champ (only shot 25 rounds of Federal .380 ball ammo through it; too expensive nowadays). It might have at one time belonged to Texas Ranger Robert "Bob" Goss, who was the partner of Lone Wolf Gonzales, back in the 1930's; will have to do some more research on that. Also got a Colt Officers Model .32 caliber 6" target revolver made in 1939 that belonged to Jim Clark, Sr.
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I'm sure it's more reliable then Remington's modern version of the 51, Kind of better looking too.
The 51s are great little autos.
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I just verified this past week that it did indeed belong to Texas Ranger Robert (Bob) Goss. I was very excited about finding this out and it makes a great gun even better.
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