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Reloading Set Up

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I set up in a corner of the garage, it is heated and A.C. I used a sewing bench that I made for my wife some years ago that was in the basement. The upper cabinets are recycled as well.

I have only been at this a couple weeks and have enjoyed every minute.

Thanks for helping me get started. Dave
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Sorry fellas that didn't work worth a hoot. I posted a picture in the test forum and it worked, back to the drawing board.
Dang! That is nice!

I'm too embarassed to put up pictures of my setup - it's nowhere as purty as that. :oops:
I am on my 4th set up right now. Parted ways with my wife less than a year ago, back in to an apartment in the country. I have a man cave here, which I am putting together slowly. I've been working on my reloading bench-just a 4 footer for now- on and off for the past 2 days. No cabinets, its shelves for me. Its a bit crude as carpentry isn't where my talents lie, but it functions. Compared to my first 2 set ups its a palace! I'll post some pics of my bench soon.
Well Geoff, as you know, my whole house is a Man Cave....

Here's my reloading set up....

At the time of the photo we were just getting the gear into the area.... it's a little more organized now....
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Hey Viss,

We can tell you've only been at it a couple weeks...your bench is WAY to tidy. Good for you though. It is fun, isn't it? I enjoy reloading almost as much as shooting.

As for you Drew, I can attest to the fact that your man cave is more organized now. Fellers, you could eat off the floor...still a bit chilly though. ;)
Cush said:
As for you Drew, I can attest to the fact that your man cave is more organized now. Fellers, you could eat off the floor...still a bit chilly though. ;)
Might have to push a few old guns aside first ....

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That's very nice! In fact, it's a lot nicer than my first set up..

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! It's a great hobby.
Very nice setup...

I'm embarrassed to say that I am a finish carpeter by trade, and my bench looks thown together. But it is very functional. It holds two Dillons, two RCBS's, three lubrisizer set ups, a black powder measure, and a black powder drop tube. It also has an area for casting bullets. I'm about to build a wing wall and add a gunsmithing bench and work area. Really need to think this through and get this mess organized, once and for all. The one thing that works great, is that I added a full length shelf under my reloading presses to hold various components while I'm working. It extends out from the bench and directly under the presses. It really works out well and is the best improvement I could have made to make reloading easier...

Thanks for the compliments fellas.

Drew, WOW, that is a fine collection and set up, something I can only dream about.

Cush, yes it is indeed fun, I started thinking I could save a few bucks, that doesn't matter now. I am thinking of what guns to buy next so I can reload for them.

Gizamo, I am a carpenter as well, don't get to do as much of the finish end as I like, our company does mostly commercial, industrial,
I did however grow up with a cabinet shop in our back yard.
I have a dedicated loading room in the basement. I partitioned off a corner with no windows, and put a steel door with a deadbolt lock on it. The room houses my loading bench, my gun safe, and my ammo cabinet, plus storage of all my stuff.

Here's the right end of my bench. The RCBS Ammomaster does 95% of my loading, so it is the only permanently mounted piece of equipment on the bench. The covered shelf on the wall holds my scale at eye level.

The center of my bench uses insert boards that mate with cavities in the bench top/face. I got that idea from an old Wiley Clap article. Case trimmers, lube sizers, shotshell presses, every thing used only occasionally gets mounted on an insert board and slid in when needed. These are the blank ones that fill up the holes when all of those other tools are put away. Oh, the shelves beneath the bench hold mostly lead shot and cast bullets. Needless to say, this bench doesn't move!

Here's the far left end. There is a 20 ga shotshell press in the insert cavity. My two other metallic presses are c clamped to the end of the bench (behind the red tool box) for storage. The shelving unit in the corner hold a lot of empty ammo boxes, range bags, and shotshell wads. Note the all important Dillon calendar!!

Finally, here are two shots of my casting cabinet. It is in another room, because I had to build it under a window. It has an exhaust hood, and the plexiglass "garage door" acts as both a shield and a channel for the air flow. The smaller 10# pot serves as a feeder pot for the main 20# pot, and it pre melts ingots and sprues.

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That's one heck of a set up you've got! Very well thought out and executed..
That looks top notch! I wished mine was that organized and "neat" looking.

1 end of my cave room. Its still under construction, I am going to double my bench and overhead space, then spread things out a bit more. For the 3-4 years prior to this I have been C clamping my press only when I could make some room to load on, so this meager bench is paradise! I just mounted the Dillon 550B, and getting that set up and operating for .223 will be my next project.
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