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rear install on 910s

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I've got a adjustable rear sight I need to install on my 910s. This is one that's a made-to-fit for my 910 fixed sight pistol. Is this a DIY type of thing or should have a gunsmith do the install?? B-)
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I have done several, but not a 910.
If no milling is required, and you have the correct dovetail/sight then you can do it yourself.
I would assume the factory sight is pressed on and very tight. You could get it out yourself without a sight pusher with a few common shop tools. You should take the slide off and place it in a vise. Wrap the jaws with strips of heavy plastic, rubber or wood. This will protect the finish on your slide. Protect from squishing the slide by adding a few nuts and bolts or metal shims etc, inside the slide (This way there is no chance of distorting the slide). Tighten it down. Use a brass punch and drive out the sight, from left to right. Watch out for the firing pin block (plunger and spring will fall out of the slide) when the sight comes out of the dovetail.

Using the same punch tap the new sight back on, remember to put the FPB parts back in. If the sight is very tight fitting, file the bottom of the dovetail some (filing the bottom will make the sight more narrow).
If you want (or if the sight fits loose in the dove tail) add a drop of #609 loctite to the new sight. It will be permanent and not move on you.
Clean up the brass marks with hoppes and a toothbrush.

With a little common sence it should be straight foward to do. Good luck.
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I took a picture of a 500 mag cylinder. Then I shrunk it and use it. It's unique :D

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