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Re/De-capping Primer Tool for BP Single Shot Rifles

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I posted a gripe about a broken Lee Auto-Prime over in the Reloading section and thought that I'd post some praise for some similar tools over here - nothing cheap or cruddy about these two.

On the right is a proper Re/De-capping primer tool designed by riflemaker Harry Pope. On the left is a modern tool of the same design made by Jerry Simmons.

The Simmons tool has small and large primer pocket reamers installed on the end of each arm. The Pope tool is fixed for a single cartridge, but the Simmons tool has interchangeable shell holders and decapping rods. I have shell holders for .50-70, .45-100, .40-70, .32-35, and .32-30 Rem - and decapping rods for .50", .45". .40", and .30".

When you are loading for single shots, you really don't need all the reloading dies required when loading for a magazine-fed repeater - all you need is one of these excellent tools. With some thought, you can load many other cartridges with just this group of accessories. In addition to the cartridges already named, I've use this tool as-is for .30-40, .33WCF, .45-70, .348 WCF, .32-20, .40-72 Win, .40-65 Win and several others.

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What a great idea...

Like I've said elsewhere. The Black Powder guns draw folks towards these ingenious accoutrements. Got to say that this is a new one on me. Course I want one ;) It would be really something to shoot a few rounds, and then reload on the bench and make adjustments. Think that I would love to put such a kit together for 45/70's....

This is the address I have for Jerry:

Jerry Simmons
715 Middlebury St.
Goshen, IN 46528

I bought my initial tool from him for .50-70 back in 1979 - so that means I've had it for ~30 years. It wasn't cheap back then, and I assume they aren't now, but he's an old-time craftsman and turns and cuts them out on his lathe and mill from carbon tool steel.

I noticed on their BP SS rifle link that Meacham Tool makes a Re/De-capper, too - don't know anything about this one:

A box of bullets, some primers, one of these tools, and a BP powder measure like this one are all I need for a day of shooting fun.

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