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Old friend of mine I used to shoot bowling pins with and he did compete with Jerry Miculek in the 70s, called and said was bored and wanted to go shooting. Well I never turn down a range opportunity if possible. So met in outdoor range and after a little catch up he says I have a 1000 rounds of 357 mag he loaded with some Small Rifle Primers from Russia and were driving him crazy as nothing would shoot it reliably (he loaded these in 2007), as can be understood (I told him I tried it and did not work). Well he had brought his Henry 357 mag and a 13-2 and a modified 686 with Slab Barrel. I had brought my Dan Wesson and a three screw Ruger Blackhawk from 1963. Well shot about 500 rounds of the ammo and the Ruger shot everything, even stuff the Henry would not. Even had some Hot Rifle Loads and the old Blackhawk never flinched. I do not think the recoil was as bad with the Ruger as with the Henry. There were four rounds that refused to fire but the Primer indent was such the primer had to be defective. I must say that I really liked my Ruger Blackhawks but after today have a whole lot more respect for them. Next venture may be to go into Silhouette shooting with the Dan Wesson(which did shoot some fine loads today (wadcutters) and think it will do well in the silhouette competition.
The Blackhawk and the Dan Wesson.

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