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Friends, I got some ammo loaded up for my 243AI Encore and went to the range for mainly sighting it in. Mounted the Nikon Bushmaster scope on it the other day. So I had to boresight it in at 25yds, zeroed it in at 50yds. And then went to 100yds for zero and see if I could shoot for a good group.
After I hit high on plate I adjusted for elevation and on the next two shots, one hit center in the red and one hit 11 o'clock just inside the red. Made one click to the right for windage adjustment. On the last three shots, had that flyer...then last two centered in the red.
Using Reloder 19 powder with the 85gr Sierra GameKing HPBT bullet. like to experiment with different powder and bullets down the road.

I also have a Eabco 30-06AI barrel for it. Planning on deer hunting next Fall with this setup.........

It was good to be out shooting....range was was in the high of the upper 50's...great time and spring fever really hit :D

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