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It was a cool and cloudy , 47 degree day, perfect for the range. Curt brought his Shield and m28. I brought my Shield, SP101 and my 22/32 Air weight Kit gun (pre43).
I had not shot the Ruger or the kit gun since a couple years ago
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Here is the range setup for the day
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I started with my Shield. I wanted to see how it does with the 145gr Hi-Tek coated bullets I have been loading.
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No problems there, except the one I let fly high.
Here is Curt shooting his model 28
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Pretty good shooting
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Our friend Tim is shooting his Glock in this one
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The air weight kit gun was a real joy to shoot. I shot this at 25ft, offhand
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Curt shot it just as well
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Didn't get a picture but my SP101 was right on with my 130gr bullet/7.5gr Unique load I'll end with one of me shooting my Shield
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Had a good time. Found a couple dozen fresh pieces of 9mm brass someone left right off the bat so the reloaded in me was happy

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Had a "blast" as usual. Got to shoot a variety of firearms with some good friends...what could be better? Was happy as usual with the 28-2 and the 1st gen Shield 9mm functioned well. Good times had by all.
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