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Jumped on my bike and rode out to the range. I had gotten up the courage to take the side plate off of my new to me 28 and gave it a good clean and oil. I have also been dry firing it for a couple of weeks and the trigger was night and day from my first and only outing where I took the gun from my friend .. having sat for some 30 years and took it to the range dry as a bone.
I also brought along my Ruger GP because I pulled him apart and gave him a clean and installed a new set of factory springs and wanted to make sure he was good to go
I brought the little Rock Island 206 I talked about in another thread that I just picked up for the wife. I gave some initial impressions but Today would be its baptism. I had cleaned it and we both dry fired it a bunch but .. it hadnt been fired .. I didnt really know what to expect from a sub $300 revolver

So I am going to add a bit of a disclaimer. I was pretty sick with fever Saturday Sunday and Monday and I guess you just dont bounce back like you did in your 20's and 30's because I was still a little wushy wushy headed today so wasnt exactly shooting great. I will also add that whenever I post assume it is standing, DAO, unsupported.

Alright .. so first up ... That little 206 surprised the daylights out of me. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't make it through a cylinder and would have to send it in. I was absolutely sure that it was going to be as inaccurate as all get go.
Here is the twist .. its a shooter!!!
I put the target out to 6 yds just to get a feel and with the first cylinder fired what I call revolver combat fast. Now I dont compete or do anything special. Just a dude who goes to the range like many of you. I shot it as fast as I would in real life under duress and it was about 6 shots in 3 seconds.

Hmmmmmm I was pretty happy. I figure that is a good working distance for that gun and it was the first time I had ever fired it so ..
I still couldnt believe it so I opened the cylinder and gave the gun a good once over convinced something would have fallen off but .. nope .. Still good.

So after taking the pic I sent it out to 7 yds and decided to see how she was for accuracy. I should have used my usual shapes (small targets) but like i said .. I wanted to test guns and didnt feel well so I figured I would just aim for the center of the group. I used my reloads, 158 gr LSWC over 3.5Gr of HP38 and magnum primer and I shot some underwood standard pressure 38 158gr LSWCHP and some of those federal HST super expanding wadcutter +p thingies.
Ate it all without a single complaint. I was thinking I might see some shaving with the wad cutters but .. nope .. a non issue
Here was the target after an additional 4 cylinders

So the twist is .. that little rock island .. at least so far is GTG! What more can you ask of it. It aint pretty but will get the job done if you can. Under $300 bucks ... I dont know that I am ready to recommend it until I put another 100 or so rounds through it but if your reading this and your budget is tight or if you want to keep your minty guns minty and not throw them under the seat of your car .. this might be that gun!

So I broke out my little Ruger .. but me and the ruger have spent some time together so no surprises. Felt like a new gun with the cleaning and new springs. The only new thing to report was I tried some of the Federal Hydrashok Law enforcement HP's in 158gr that Targetsports sent me as part of my yearly gift. Now the name already sounds all high speed and cool like and the bullet does look scary and ... they are a bit spicy!! Fired them back to back with some Rem HTP 158 gr SJHP and yea .. those federals may have had a little extra sauce!

The sound stopped all the other shooters at the range .. god I love .357! No pix. I didnt expect anything weird except me not putting the gun back together right.

So .. on to the BAD ARSE 28. It was soooooo smooth. Man .. I know in another thread I asked if I should carry it but .. I just might hafta!! :)
After one cylinder at 7 yds I figured .. hell with it lets see what I can do. Eyesight wasnt killer today and I wasnt feeling especially "on" but ... that gun just makes you feel like a hero so out it went to about 20yds maybe a yd or 2 past.

That was all with my admittedly anemic .357 which is 6.9 gr of hp38 under the same 158 gr LSWC. I freagin love that gun!!!!
Everything about it. the heft the looks that big cylinder going round. Whew .. That is one fun gun. I kind of want to wake it up from its slumber slowly so that is all I shot of the Hway Patrolman but it was enough to put a big grin on my face.
Cant explain it but it feels even smoother after that little bit of shooting.

Well that is all to report .. now I gotta go clean everyone :(
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