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Randall and Ruger...

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Randall #7 from the 60's paired up with one of my old Flattops...seems like a pretty good pairing... ;)

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Ain't nothin' finer than a nice Randall. Great pair and nice picture!

I might have to delete my post here. Evidently the Randall crowd caught wind of the knife. It was one of Bo Randall's earlier ones and they are lusting after it :mrgreen:

A good reason to never post on any forum a pic of a early Randall...can't blame them. If I ever saw a early Bird and Trout like my Fisherman Hunter, I'd be havin' heart palpitations, too... :D

A good friend of mine specializes in Randall knives. Him and his wife wrote a very good reference book.

He has a darn nice #3-7 Hunter on his website.

You oughta check out his website:

I got no dog in this, he's just a good friend.
Doc44 said:
Great pairing, I think.

You bet it is!

Kinda a fun one...Up in the knife section I posted the pic of just the knife and after the dust settled, had to post that the knife is not for sale...All that did was increase the offers in both price and added additional emails. :mrgreen:

Still not for sale. Crazy, when a knife is worth more then the Flattop.

Not to change the subject, fancy leather for the Ruger? :eek: I've learned to expect a full outfit from you , Giz! :lol: Bob
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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