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The secret to a sturdy but comfortable holster rig is just as much in the choice of the belt as it is in the choice of a holster.

When I find a product that's worthy of praise, I like to tell people about it. I've had this Rafter S gunbelt for several years and I've never had a better one. It's even better made and with a nicer finish inside and out than my old George Lawrence belt! This one is only 1 1/4" wide, but is made of such thick, heavy leather, it supports a holster as well as most 2" belts!

The belt is dressy enough to wear with nice clothes with no indication of its intended purpose. The optional roller buckle is slick and easy on the finish, and the shark is so incredibly tough it shows no wear after several years of daily use. I don't put it on this belt very often, but the hard kydex material on one of my holsters hasn't even made a mark on the sharkhide.

The best thing about these belts is the price, and the cowhide version is a real bargain, IMO.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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