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Tool: S&W M&P-15 Sport ll OR, 5.56mm, 16" bbl, flat-top with Pic Rails atop upper receiver & gas block.
Came with Crimson Trace model CTS-103 Red/Green-Dot optic sight.

The factory-supplied mounting riser for this sight does provide ABSOLUTE Co-Witness with Magpul Pro steel front & rear BUIS set.
I want to replace the factory sight mounting base with a **QUICK-RELEASE-LEVER** mounting base that will **retain** ABSOLUTE Co-Witness with the iron sights. Not 100% certain, but I believe this may call for a "medium height", 0.83-inch mount riser height.

Crimson Trace does not even list their CTS-103 model optic sight on their website or in their catalogue. The Quick-Release-Lever Riser Mounting Base for their DIFFERING model CRS-1000 optical sight looks GENERALLY similar in size & shape to the mount I have, but I don't know if that quick-release mount is compatible with my CTS-103 model sight or not. Answer to that ? from CT still pending.

Can anyone recommend **ANY** Brand quick-release optical sight riser mounting base that I can use for my sight that will retain an ABSOLUTE Co-Witness with the Magpul BUIS set? Thanks in advance for any possible assistance with the question.
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