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I was thinking about a better way to display my guns for photos than sticking a Sharpie or a cartridge through the trigger guard.
This was my initial prototype made from a couple small pieces of oak I had laying around
Hardwood Wood Wood stain Floor Table

Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Gun barrel

It was a little more work than need be, so I did a dash one engineering change
This one is very simple. I had a 2.5 inch wide piece of pine and cut it into 4” lengths. I all also ripped a 3/16” thick strip off another board and cut these to 4.5” long. I lowered my table saw blade to about 3”16” high and cut a slot about 1/8” wide. I glued and nailed the thin stick To the opposite side of the slot, sanded and then wiped with Old Fashioned oil finish
Wood Tool Hardwood

Wood Plywood Tool accessory Wood stain Tool

Firearm Gun Revolver Trigger Gun accessory

I built the 4 pine stands in less than an hour tonight.
Wood Hardwood Table Plywood Furniture

They work great for J through N frames and even work with Rugers
Revolver Firearm Gun Tool Machine

I didnt patent the design yet so feel free to copy these for yourselves.
If you lack a table saw to cut the slot, you can attach a small piece to the front, like in my prototype. A 3/8 dowel could be cut to lenght & then have a flat spot sanded on one end which could be glued & tacked on the back for a upright
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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