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Interesting gun.
First, the obvious (to me).
Whoever did the 'Parkerizing', or whatever it is, didn't grind, sand or polish off the rollstamping, logo or stud-ends.
That's a good and unusual thing.
If the gun letters as a 5" barrel, I would enter into some correspondence with David Chicoine, and beg borrow or steal the money to bring the gun back to its original appearance.
Grips of the era aren't that hard to find...I have two sets of 'em.
Some would caution you that a refinished gun's value is decreased.
True enough, but...
A scarce model with a rare barrel-length, especially one that could be brought back without having to start with a polished-out, 'bald' frame, would return more value than the cost of a first-class restoration.
Many might advise you use it as a shooter.
Here's the caveat on that bit of advice:
Metallurgy has advanced quite a bit since 1908-1909 (my estimation of your gun's ship-date).
Even though the old-time handloaders pushed the limit with the old TL's, that was years ago.
The molecular structure of hardened steel doesn't improve with age.
That leaves you with 'cowboy loads'.
I'd always wonder, "What if?..."
Remember, the gun was given to you.
:?: :?: :?: :?:

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Thanks for the advice and info. Never have shot the pistol probably never will, I have a 1950 .44 special Target with a 4" for my shooting fun.


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MikeyB, I think I'd take Don's advise. That's a nice old gun why risk ruining it?

Don I don't want to hijack this thread, but for those who might have a nice old gun like that would you think standard factory loads (I'm thinking the old 246gr RN) to be safe in them? Thanks Frank

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I use 230gr. or 250gr. S.A.S.S. 'cowboy' loads in mine.
Generally 800fps+/-, LRN, mild recoil.
TEN-X, Ultramax or similar.
The pressures are pretty mild, perfect for any of the old 1st, 2nd or 3rd Models.
Yes, they could take more power, but why risk it?
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