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Question on 4566

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I ran across a 4566 in excellent condition, no box or extras , all stainless with Novaks rear sight and rounded trigger guard for $650. Sounds a little high to me. I have a Sig P220 in .45 cal so I am trying to figure out why I need another full size .45 pistol. Someone needs to help me out and by telling me all about the 4566. Thanks
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That does sound high, however, the 4566 is the commander size of the 4506. I have one and think its the best as far as size and weight are concerned. Very accurate, will feed everything, and after almost 10yrs has yet to fail in feeding or ejecting anything she's been fed. Very smooth double action, and crisp single action, with a shorter reset than any Sig, including mine, I've ever shot! I would see if they would haggle on that price. If you can get them down 100.00 or more then I would jump on it, if not walk away there's still plenty of them out there.
I bought a police trade in 4566. I have a previous post on it. let's just say I carry it concealed when I can. ( MO CCW) and when I can't it is in the consul of my truck. Yes it is a little heavy, But it is ABSOLUTELY bullet proof!
I can't think of a better semi auto for defense.

Alan B Missouri
Forgot to say that I thinak that the price is too high by about $175

AB Missouri
Thanks for the responses to my question on the 4566. The shop owner won't deal on his price. I reckon that he feels that he has some of that "Obama's" gold (guns /ammo/ mags) and he going to hang onto it until someone with more money than sense comes along. It is his therefore he can sell it for his price.
I am glad that I got to fondle it a bit though. It appears to be a very solid pistol and I'll be keeping an eye out for one now.
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