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On the technical side, lubricants will get thick and gum up when cold. Will that impact operation? Depends on the lubricant, where it is, how much and the closeness of fit. A M&P full size is a looser fit gun. A Dan Wesson M1911a1 is a tighter fit gun. So... "It depends".

It's likely that chamber pressure would be higher during cartridge ignition than if the gun and ammunition were at room temperature. So, over pressure ammunition may be at more risk for issues. +P would likely make it. +P+ I wouldn't play with in that cold a gun.

Will a gun left in a car be stolen. Quite a few guns are stolen from guns. You're at considerable risk, lock box and cable or not. Thieves carry bolt cutters. Anything visible (including stickers, signs, firearm oriented license plates) says "steal me first".

If an attack occurs while you're away from your gun, what use is it? This is why you carry concealed, and keep it concealed. It's just nobody else's business that you protect yourself effectively, especially hoplophobes. They make their irrational decisions... I make my rational decisions...

Carry a gun where you're not welcome? Time for a conversation, and some real decision making. Why are you there where someone would not trust you? If someone wants me disarmed, they generally don't get visits.

If you're concerned about child access, get a lock box and keep it in your luggage or brief case. Even a cable lock when you're not carrying it.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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