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I bought an old M&P from about 1927 (SN 5786xx). Got it for a bargain, mostly because some numbskull tried to do a trigger job on it and nearly removed the SA sear notch on the hammer with a file or stone. See first photo below.

The odd thing about it is that it seems to have an unusual hammer configuration.

Instead of the DA sear fitting into a slot in the hammer, there is a boss on the hammer that fits into a slot in the DA sear. Apparently this style of hammer is common for an N frame? See the second photo below.

I tried installing one of the style with the slot in the hammer that the DA sear fits into and the hammer stud isn't in the right place. The distance from the hammer stud to the "backstrap" of the hammer is too short with that style of hammer. See the third photo below with the arrows marking the dimension I am referring to. That dimension is approximately 0.87" as best I can measure it.

The other odd thing is that the "backstrap" of the hammer there is a rollmark that says "REG. U.S. PAT. OFF." The rollmark is oriented to be read from the left side of the revolver. See the fourth photo below with the roll mark outlined in red.

I think I've seen that rollmark on the hammer of a Registered Magnum maybe? On the other hand it doesn't have the concentric grooves on the sides like a Registered Magnum hammer.

So what have I got here? Is this an original hammer or a replacement? Anybody got one for sale that will fit this old revolver? Maybe even a hammer & trigger set?


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I just did a quick search under S&W
Hammer and it shows hammers for sale like yours. Scroll thru, ask questions to sellers. Might ck thru
S&W trigger search too. for similar style triggers.
Ive had exc results searching auctions and specific sellers of S&W
parts. Check sellers other items for sale to ck possiblities from them..

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Where were you searching? eBay? GunBroker? Some other site?
Thanks for the help.

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Well... what you have there is a hammer for the older "long throw" actions. "Modern" S&W's, the so called "3 screw" versions are "short throw" actions.

I don't know all of the details of the engineering changes that differentiates the two actions, but you've stumble upon one of them with the difference in the hammer pivot.

That style hammer is common to the older M&P S&W's.

Do a search on "S&W M&P hammer" on ebay, there's lots of them, even hammer/trigger sets, which I would recommend so sear fitting is either unnecessary or minimal. Keep in mind that these older S&W's had more hand fitting of action parts than the later stuff, so a hammer from another gun may need stoning/fitting of the SA & DA sears to work well with the trigger in your gun.
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