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I recently acquired a model 60 no dash wheelgun, and the serial number on the frame is AYN280x.
I looked up the serial number in both of my catalogs, and this serial number dates to roughly 1988.
My problem is that it's not dash numbered, and that should put it in around 1965-68. Can anybody help me decipher this one?



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Gregory, if you read the list of engineering changes in the SCS W, fourth edition, you'll see that the 60 - 1 and 60- 2 were changes specific to a small group of revolvers. The model 60 continued in parallel with those up to 1988 when they changed the yoke retention system. Apparently your gun was made before this change.


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Congrats on scoring that fine model 60. Almost bought a model 60 about 5 years ago but opted for the model 360 that was sitting right next to it. Range report soon?
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