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I have to agree with Dhenry...other than a baby, there is nothing cuter than a pup. Those are some fine dogs everybody. I think that puppies/and the dogs they grow into are sent in our lives to us to show what great friends are out there and that, as others put it, unconditional love does exist.

OK, enough warm fuzzies from me. Especially since it is bedtime! :D

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this is my little TC Bear....."we" got him during my first year of marrage..("we" decided that i needed company when i was home)
he was the only thing we fought about in the divorce...i ended up giving my away my house for him..... he was that special to me..
anyhow.....he's a rott/wolf hybred also known as ( omg.) his full weight ended up being around 140 pounds.... and if you can't tell, i was proud of him.... he had to be put down at age of 14 when he started becoming agressive , but i do miss him..

and another ..

and finally a pic of him after playing with the neighbors neice

sorry , can't help it i miss him.. l;gmna;

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This little fella was stranded in an industrial area with lots of thickets and woods to flee to. His mama was nailed by a car and four tiny pups were stranded. I don't think they'd ever been around people.

One pup was killed on the road later too, and two were captured.

I drove by the spot going to and from work daily and this little fella was eventually left alone, about 70 yards from the rotting carcass of his mom. He'd run from people and I began leaving him food and rubbing the baggie on my face to leave a scent. However, he'd always run into the thickets. For three weeks he remained alone and scared, including during a tornado warning and very rough weather. Lots of people were trying to feed and catch him by then, but to no avail.

Finally I got animal control to trap him and we got someone to agree to rescue him from the animal shelter. Unfortunately he wouldn't come to anyone and the man backed out who planned to adopt him after the dog wouldn't come to him.

On the final day before they were to put the dog down I HAD to go see him, just to make sure he wasn't going to be able to be socialized for myself.

As I talked to a Humane Society worker next to his pen I knelt with my back to the pen and put my fingers inside the cage. Within a few minutes I was rewarded by a wet nose on my fingers. HE'D REMEMBERED MY SCENT!

I just turned around and said, "Fella, you are going to be just fine." I told the shelter, "Don't put him down tomorrow morning, I'm going to care for him until he can be socialized and adopted. Any dog that loyal to his mom to stay there so long will be a good dog."

Here he is the next day, as I picked him up . . . already growing a lot from the first picture three weeks before . . .

I'd arranged with my next door neighbor to use their pen until I could get him a home but . . . when my 24 year old son, home from college, helped me unload him he that, "That dog's name is BANDIT . . . and I want him!" As you can see by the markings around his eye's, he's got a bandit's "mask" around his eyes too!

I had the dog eating from my hand on day two, my son had him do the same on day three . . . and HERE HE IS ON DAY FOUR . . . already comfortable with my son!!! WOW . . . and he was almost put down! Look at the happy look on that dog's contented face . . .

On day four my son also began taking him in his car to his friend's houses, getting the dog used to cars and people.

On the very next day, the dog was exposed to a neighbor's kids and was no longer afraid of humans. True to his word, my son takes him everywhere with him and he's been a great dog owner, properly socializing the dog extremely well.

The dog's temperament is outstanding and he's turned into a BIG but sweet and intelligent "best friend" for my son, afraid of no one but protective of my son . . . a perfect dog.

Warms my heart! He came so close to dying several times. He's surely a "Bandit" at cheating death too . . . and a truly great dog who deserved to live!!! I'm so glad he got the chance.


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A great story, and one that should be taken to heart by all.
Dogs really don't ask for anything, and they appreciate whatever folks can offer.
Sounds like Bandit got a fine home!
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