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ptr 91

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anybody have any comments thanks

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PTR 91 is an H&K G3 Clone built in Farmington, Ct.

I have seen them in shops but never fired one.

Haven't heard anything one way or another.

I have owned mine about five years. It is the standard model w/mounted flash guard.
It is a fine MBR, and has a better finish than any G-3 I have seen.
I paid just under a grand for it, out the door. The dealer from whom I bought used to be an HK rep and told me it was built using original tooling from HK.
It has a fluted chamber which can be hard on brass if you intend to reload. The trigger is heavy and very "military", but I understand a trip to William's Trigger specialties will cure this characteristic.
I have shot it with and without a claw mount 4x scope, the mounting of which will ususally leave minor surface scatches on the receiver. I finally decided to run it with irons, since repeatable zero is iffy when the mount is removed/re-installed. I think this is mainly because I tried the Tapco mount on mine instead of an original Heinsholt. The mount puts the scope high abve the bore and a cheek rest should be considered if you go that way.
The weapon is grin-o-matic in shooting, not as chuck fullo grins as my M1A, but fun in it's own right. It has a pretty good kick so tuck that bad boy in, a friend forgot this lesson when shooting it after just putting down his Ruger .22, and now wears, between his eyes, the scimitar scar from the rear of the scope bell as a reminder. Puss-boy declines to shoot this rifle again because of this incident.
I've had no issues with reliability, the rifle particulary likes my diminishing stash of Aussie and Port milsurp.
The European sights take a little getting used to, magazines are very affordable, the ergonomics of it are unique, but in no-way a deal breaker when you warm-up to them.
What else can I tell you?
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thanks that covers every thing
now to find ammo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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