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Price Check 29 No Dash

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Can buy an 8 3/8" blue 29 no dash.98/99% cond.Has mahogany box however the inside is in bad shape.Fluted screw driver,mop and rod included.Asking $1600.00.My opinion value $1000.00 to $1100.00.
Am I off course?


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toroflow said:
The big swinger will be if it has its original coke grips or not.

Has a beautiful set of grips.The coke bottle shape is not as pronounced as other cokes I have seen.
The store will not permit cameras.The tool does not have the long chisel tip.

Ralph G said:
Louis , carl is right , a picture would help .

It sounds like its the whole package , even if the flocking is gone .
The guys price is in the ball park for what I`ve seen !! I`m not sure on the tools , they pretty much all look the same but the screw driver / sight adjustment tool , should have a long chisel tip , not the short one . If not , I would take off $100 for that !!

Is it in a store on consignment ??
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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