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Pre war outdoorsman worth?

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Found a pre war outdoorsman, .38, 6.5", adj sights, bluing like new, but has later model target grips. Price is $1295. Good deal or not? Thanks.
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YIKES! That sounds a little high to me Ken for a gun that doesn't have the right grips.... but then again maybe I'm just out of touch.... (been accused of that before).... the last prewar Outdoorsman I bought I paid $495 for and the one before that was $400.
I agree thats probably too much, but in what DECADE :D did you buy them guns you mention? Or was it recently?
In this day and age, the gun as described would approach $ 1,500 with the correct grips.
That said, please consider the following:
1) 'Like new' bluing is highly unusual combined with incorrect grips...I would check very carefully
for evidence of a refinish...a good refinish.
2) The proper grips, in 'to match' condition, can cost $ 400, +/-.
3) Doing the math, IF it's an original, like-new gun, $ 1,000 to $ 1,100 sounds reasonable with
the incorrect grips.
Good luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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