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Pre War Followed Me Home

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I found this gun over the weekend and I had to bring it home. SW pre war 1905 2 inch round butt NIB.

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Dang that is sweet!! If you don't mind what did it set you back?
You don't see them in that condition every day.
Come to think of it, you don't see them in any condition every day
Wow! Very nice!
That IS remarkable.

Nice find.... Bet it letters to 1946.
Well Hunter the man held my feet to the fire. I guess he seen the drool on my chin. Let's just say he started at 2200.00 and did not relieve the pressure much. It is going in my collection as I don't think I will see another one anytime soon. I am happy and so was the seller. All in all a great deal for both. I have a spot right under this one in my safe.

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Sebago Son said:
That IS remarkable.

Nice find.... Bet it letters to 1946.

Well they stopped the 1905 in 1942 with 1000000 serial # so I would put it in the late 30's. I will know as I will get a letter for this one.
Nice to see that one! Good photos too. I'm fascinated with the idea of a pre-war 2-inch M&P so always perk up my ears when one shows up in a forum thread.

The Banker's Special is cute too. I've had one of those for many years. Gotta have it as I'm a retired banker. Of course mine's the common .38 variety.
That's nice.

Give it to me and I'll think nice things about you for a long time.

Hey, it was worth a shot.
Very nice gun and rare too! I understand that only a couple hundred in this barrel length were made before WWII.
I have heard the number was 250 but I am not sure. I am going to order a letter and hope that will tell the story.
I am a buyer at 475.00 shipped. Let me know what you can do. I have a Rossi .32 in Chrome with pearlite grips,, would you be interested in a trade ? I think your gun is a new reproduction made to look old,, It just cant be real ?? but I will still trade. Does it have internal lock ? Dont bother with a letter,, I am pretty sure its a Lew Horton or a RSR exclusive. Save your 50.00 and send it me,,I need it worse than Roy. I looked up the serial number on the internet and the gun letters leaving the factory in Dec 1945 as a 1946 Chevrolet Fleetline Sedan, candy apple red with flames. What you have here is probably a one of a kind dream gun. Hows the Lock up and timing ? Round count ? Flame cutting ? Head space ? Plus P friendly ? Do you take plastic and do you offer a three day inspection ? How the case color on the hammer ? Can you throw in a rug and some hollow points ? If my wife says yes I can buy it,, I am going to think about it. Call me if you get a tech 9 or one of these mp's in nickel.
What do you think about this stimulous plan and did anyone see what the dow done today ?

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John, are you trying to rip your brother off? $450.00??? Come on, I will give him $500.00 and a kitten.
He is just mad because it is in my safe and not his. I caught him with a stethoscope the other day trying to sneak a peek. :lol: Hunter 500.00 will be fine but don't you want the gun that goes with the box? :shock:
fugotti, awesome find there...

Thanks for sharing! :D
Both the S&W and Colt are beautiful.

John, you are a few short of the 40 questions required. :lol:
Thank you all. John wants to go shoot frogs with the banker's special but he is not touching this one. :)
That is absolutely beautiful. Nice find & thanks for the pics.

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