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Pre 29 update.

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Hi all,
Just wanted to post some pics of the pre 29 that I had previously started a thread about.
Wasn't sure it would be noticed on the other thread as it was over 2 weeks ago.
Quite pleased with this aquistion as it was on my grail gun list.
Its not perfect but its pretty nice.
Negligible handling marks and very faint turn lines.
Doesn't appear to be fired very much at all.
I don't think these become available too often.
Still curious about the serial number:
Its S1307xx.
Does anyone have or know of any 44 Magnums (pre 29's) with serial numbers in this low range?
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Very nice 44!
I posted mine on your other thread. :)
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That's right,
The salesman's sample.
How does your serial number relate to mine?
It's in the 130's I'll have to pull it to get the exact #
Hey Steeler,



Later, Mark
That’s just pretty darn sweet right there!
It would be a stretch, but I could probably go $500 on it. But that's only because of the coke's on it. I'd even overlook the used mop...;)
That is a great looking .44!
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