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Yeah, she's the Fugliest gun I own....but I love her soooo!

She is one fast little lolita! I love bringin her out against the 1911 crowd on the dueling dot or not :mrgreen:


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Giz, Though I don't shoot PPC, I have built a nice M-10 4"HB with a Bushnell Trophy Red Dot scope mounted, slicked up trigger, and Pach. grips for shooting bowling pins, casually. Got kinda bored with it, so I removed the scope, and now, use it for my "woods carry gun". It's a .38 shooter, along with my M-36 CCW. My interests seem to change, over time. :roll: The Red Dot is now on my M-17 shooter. ;) Bob
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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