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Post-war m&p pre-model 10?

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It is a C prefix. I get confused on the m&p's changes. I went to visit a good friend today and came home with this. Not spectacular but I just love these 38's. James
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Nice find.. congrats!
I love .38's!!! ;) I have 4 of them.......that's most of my 6 S&W's. I have 2 M-10's......a 2" -7 and a 4" HB -8. They are my favorite shooters. These are the basic S&W' just don't get much simpler. Bob
Hi Jamn 44,
The C series M&Ps were S&Ws third million starting in 1948 (pre 10 5 screw) through the pre 10 4 screw 1955-1957, Model 10 in 1957, Model 10-1 Heavy barrel 1959, in 1961 model 10-2 std barrel and 10-3 heavy barrel Changed the direction of thread on ejector rod and on the heavy barrel front sight from 1/10 to 1/8", In 1962 10-4 lost the trigger guard screw on std bbl, the 10-5 the front sight went from 1/10" to 1/8" on the std barrel, also in 1962 the 10-6 heavy barrel lost the trigger guard screw. the D series came in 1967 and was the 4th million. :eek: It looks like yours is a Pre 10 5 screw. :mrgreen:
Thanks Gents, Jimg, your explanation was much clearer than the book. Thank you. I have always enjoyed shooting 38's with the family. I just need to find some wood for it now.
I have a few post war M&P's myself. The hammer is a definite different configuration than the earlier long action M&P's. I heard somewhere that Smith & Wesson referred to this style hammer as a speed hammer. Has anyone heard of this and can confirm same?

Anyway enjoy, those 5 screw M&P's are a testament to the fitters at the factory.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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