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Stainless steel is easy to fix up. I bought a used 649 (J frame 38 spl) that so beat up on the outside, it looked like it went thru a war. The price was cheap and after checking it out it looked nearly unfired but carried mostly without a holster.
I took it apart first, and then I started with a fine flat file and chased all the nicks off the trigger guard and sides of the barrel. Then I started with stones and finished the blending process. After this I used 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper mixed with oil with the aid of a sanding block to keep the surfaces flat, sanded it back to life. I finished with grey scotchbrite and called it a day. Maybe it took 2 hours max to restore the outsides. I carry this gun everywhere today and it looks new, yet being over 25 years old. I didn't use Mothers mag polish on this one, because I prefer the factory finish on a carry piece. If it's too polished the fingerprints show like crazy!

I put a laser grip on it then test fired it. The next day, I had a "new" carry bug. ;)

On your gun keep an eye out for the top strap where it's glass beaded or any laser etchings on the gun. If you polish even with Mothers on these areas mentioned, they will be altered or removed entirely, then you will have to glass bead or laser etch again...

This old 617 I bought when they first came out. I have fired thousands and thousands of 22s thru it. I cleaned it up with mothers and revarnished the grips for this picture. Looks new ...

good luck with your project.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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