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Pics of Spegels?

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Anyone want to share pics of Spegels?
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I will but they are not on any guns.... Give me a few days and I'll have a nice m10-8 that I'll put some Spegels on!
I have only one set, which I have on this Model 29-3. Here are a couple of pics from Lightning Arms, who I purchased through (great folks to do business with!) that you might want to see.

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Blackcloud those grip's are absolutely beautiful. :D
Here's a set of Spegels on my 625, I always thought Spegels were real expensive and some are. However he prices by grade of wood. These grips are Granadillo standard grade and the same price as a set of Houges. Lighting Arms has a good selection on hand. Plan to buy from them again, and go high grade wood if I get the right handgun. Spegel's fit and finish is as good as I have seen.

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Outstanding grain and checkering.
They look like serious quality!
586-1 over a 14-6

Nickel 19


4" 629

642 with Spegels and Andrews Leather
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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