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Pair of BP Bisley's

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Now here's something you'd not expect to find. This is a consecutive SN set of Black Powder Bisley's on a Cartridge frame. However, they are both Cap and Ball guns.

To load, you have to take the cylinder out of the frame. They both have a full length extractor, which is fully funtional (and yet useless), along with a standard cartridge loading gate....the hammer is for a percussion cap.:)

Very unusual pair of guns...

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What did they do with the loading gates on the other side?

We've heard about the "Guns that Colt should've made - but didn't". These might fall into the category of "Guns that Colt didn't make - Thank God!" :?

Excuse me for being so rude, but I am one shooter who isn't riding on the Bisley grip bandwagon. I've tried - several times - but got thrown off. Colt's Bisley grip was a pi$$-poor design to my way of thinking and shooting. The Ruger modification is a whole lot better - more along the lines of E.K. & Harold Croft's designs - but I still don't care for the right angle configuration of the revolver and it doesn't seem to fit my long bony fingers as well as their standard SAA grip. JMO!, JMO! :D

Maybe I would be singing praises of the Bisley grip if I had one of the big revolvers chambered in heavy ordnance....


Could not agree more with your opinion of the Colt Bisley Gripframe.

However, I like the arcane and the unique ~ and this pair certainly have all that. I will have some fun loading and shooting them in the old ways. A fun pair of guns to experiment with and nice to be able to have so many of the variations on the SAA griprframe on hand...pun intended :mrgreen:

Funny story, but once in awhile I shoot these BP revolvers at the steel plate shoots. Everyone gets a kick out of it. But when it's late May or early June ~ nothing clears out the Black Flies like laying down a course of fire from my guns. One way to be the hero of the day! :mrgreen:

:D :lol:

Are these Ubertis? They look very well made!

These two, are indeed Uberti's...

I'm just starting to find out the intended purpose. These are made for the U.K market. Those poor buggers have lost most of their gun rights. They are alllowed to own a peacemaker style of handgun, but it has to be Ball and Cap. So they get the look they want, but in a totally different configuration.

This is the handwriting on the wall, folks...if we let the Socialist's get away with corrupting the Constituition. Look very hard at these two guns, as it may be your future... :(

I'm going to post this up in the Lounge under a new title, as I just figured it out....

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