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Paging Drew...

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On the prior site, Sebago Son (Drew) posted a fantastic pictorial 'spread' about a guy who rescues Lockheed Constellations.
Obviously, it disappeared with all the other stuff, and I hadn't thought to save it.
If it's still out there, I'd sure appreciate seeing it again!
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"Connies in the Snow" would be the title of that report this morning..... :shock:

Here's a link to the intial story from 2002: ... liners.htm

Much has been done since that report.... Lufthansa has stepped up as a benefactor and has acquired these machines from Maurice Roundy, assuring their survival....... One of the old girls was rolled out last Thanksgiving and is now in a covered hanger being restored to flight status.......

Here's a video update as of late last fall: ... 48403.html

I'll actually be driving right by this facility later today.....

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Thanks, Drew!
A real inspiration, to see worthy examples of America's 'glory days' restored by folks who cherish them.
Yes, thanks for that post! I love the old vintage aircraft from the 1930s-60s.
Great post,I grew up living near the runway approach at Otis AFB in MA. where the Connie's(with the radar bellies)lived.Saw daily flights for years-even saw one on three engines once.Nice to see a few survivors,it would be great to hear that drone again.
When Lufthansa rolls out their newly restored Super Connie in all it's fresh paint and runs it up in prep for it's first flight, I plan on being there....

I'll post when it's gonna happen and where for those of you that would like to watch, hear and smell a real legend in flight...

Should be sometime in 2014 or so.... :shock:
Great post! I remember the oringinal post and thoroughly enjoyed it then.. as now. Thanks!
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