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Decided I wanted something to do a while ago & decided that the OR Shield was going to be the next candidate
Stripped the frame except the magazine release & also remove the rear sight halfway to gain access to the striker plunger & spring
Ordered a Spring Kit from M*Carbo for two Shields & the OR will be the 1st to get the springs WHEN they get here, ordered Black Friday with 10% Off 👍
Have a look at the retainer in the extractor that applies pressure on the short roll pin in the slide, the pin is also tapered at the tip for assembly past the retainer
Both ends of this pin also had red Loctite on them as well
Never noticed this retainer on a M1.0 or M2.0 before BUT could have possibly missed it but I don't think so
The Optics Ready has a much shorter roll pin for the extractor & assume that's why the retainer exists
It popped apart & had to use a ice pick to install the spring back in the extractor
I removed the Shield SMS Red Dot before trying removal of any pieces to keep it mint & to gain access to the extractors roll pin
Also show my 2" thick poplar block with two holes for the M&Ps with a microfiber cloth on it with the two Q-Tips sticking threw
Cut a sliver of an old credit card to make the tool to hold the striker block + spring & retainer in place for re-assembly, shown on the black light
Used a brass punch to move the rear sight past the striker safety hole, these sights are always super tight & require a lot of force to move, applied Remoil to soak through the sights tapered slots & removed the allen set screw, just clamped the slide to the bench with a layer of paper plate & small piece of hardwood with a C-Clamp & used the small ball peen hammer
This USED pistol I bought is Mint, looks like it was shot one round in my estimation from the wear & soot It has = S&Ws test round
IIRC I paid $349.99 with one 13 round magazine for this pistol a couple months ago, no box etc. just the pistol & magazine at a Pawn Shop
Going to try and re-create the trigger pull that my Performance Center Shield Plus has on this optics pistol
It has to be 100% reliable with all ammunition or it's just a range toy, might have to use the factory striker spring
More to come on that after the sprig kit arrives & range tests take place in the future
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M&P Shields X5
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I am also going to round over the striker safety plunger to replicate the Performance Center one on the Left in this photo compared to the Optics Ready on the Right
This photo was taken when the safety plunger of the OR was sticking in its bore, I already fixed that a while back
Think I can spin the plunger in a drill & stone the rounded surface fairly easily & then polish it mirror smooth without removing any material from the top area
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