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There's not much talk on this S&W forum about my favorite type of firearm - shotguns..... even though S&W marketed a few over the years.

Here is a photo of some old black powder era shotgun reloading tools for 10 gauge:

The re-capper works with brass or paper hulls and for berdan or boxer primers. I de-cap with an old ice pick with the tip filed flat and hardened a bit with a torch.

The other device is for applying a roll crimp to a paper hull. You clamp the gizmo to a table or bench, insert the completely assembled round into the cylindrical holder, and rapidly turn the crank as you apply pressure on the base of the shell with the lever on the other end. The crank device spins a firm roll onto the overshot card. It still works just fine and I have roll-crimped hundreds of paper and plastic hulls for my 1894 Lefever.

The dipper is graduated and is adjustable for various drams of black powder and ounces of shot.


Well you learn something new everyday. I know where there is a pile of these tools and never knew what they were for...Thanks for the lesson. Guess I'll be looking at them a little different the next time I see them...

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