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Took some neglected rifles to the range. Too long in the safe.
Just a great day playing on steel.

Clinton era SA M1A .308
Preban Armalite AR180 .223
Mixmaster Inland M1.30 Carbine ('43 barrel)
Winchester 94 Ranger .44 Magnum

Went to the 100 yard range with a good quantity of plinking ammo.
The M1A and AR180 do like better ammo, but I wasn't shooting groups today. (White box Winchester doesn't hammer bowling pins and 6" plates quite as consistently as Federal GMM. LOL!) My stock of the 'good stuff' in both cases is below 1K and I have 5 rifles zeroed with the 2 loads. The steel couldn't tell much difference.

I had an optic and a bipod on the M1A a few years ago but decided that I had other rifles that did that better, and have NEVER had an ironsighted centerfire rifle shoot like this one has. I also probably need to enjoy it while I can still see well enough to do so.

I really like the AR180, stamped sheet metal fire control parts and all! Trigger is heavy but crisp. The old school fast rifling loves PMC 55 grain from the 90s. Today I was shooting AE bulk from Walmart (2010?).

The .30 and the .44 did very well on the steel with various factory ammo. I had shot them before, but not beyond 25 yards.

Before I cleaned up I set up our '2021 Tactical Carbine low round count exercise' and ran it with all four rifles.
Start behind barricade, stock in the pocket, muzzle at belt level, finger straight above trigger guard and safety on. Lean or step out, engage a milk bottle target at 25 yards with 2 rounds, engage 2 MBTs at 50 yards with 2 rounds each (targets are side by side but at different heights and angles) and finish with 1 round on a 1/2 size IPSC plate at 100 yards. Hey, 7 rounds, Garand friendly!

It went well overall. Pulled some rounds out of the box on paper but all first round hits on steel at 100. Follow ups with the .30 Carbine were really quick. I've watched some smokin' fast cowboy action shooters with lever action PCCs, well, I'm not them! I must also admit resting on the barricade for .44 100 yard shot. 20210718_123518_2.jpg

20210718_145121_3.jpg 20210718_145216_2.jpg

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Hey Bird,

Looks like FUN TIMES!

Good for you!

Later, Mark
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