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Loaded a bunch of 38 special to top of Tite Group posted data in 125 RN & 158 SWC cast lead. Great accuracy and very pleasant in 14-3; 627 & 2nd gen Colt SAA. In the 2" group range for my best standing shots at 25'.

Loaded same recipe in 357 brass, not great accuracy but otherwise pleasant to shoot. Opened up to 3-4" 'patterns' rather than groups. Of course the 14-3 dropped out for this phase.

Moved up to the higher end of the loading data; 4.8; 4.9 & 5.0 g Tite Group. 4.8 back down to about 2", 4.9 was up to 4"; while the 5.0 load was around 2"....but consistently 4" left of POA.

I had to literally aim at the right edge of the falling plates to hit them.

On paper, the 5.0 group POA dead center, POI was 4" left, 2" low from the 627.

Maybe it's me....the 38 load seems really happy and really adequate. The 4.4 357 load is OK but nothing special. I don't care for the 5.0 load.

Have a couple other 357 revolvers I'll do a little more bench work.

Would post targets but photobucket won't let me upload to my old account, or even make a new account. Updated Firefox per instructions to version 3.0.10 without improvement. Any tips?
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