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Not perfect...

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Poorly nickel plated (originally blued) with incorrect stocks and the tip of the hammer spur broken off, but pre-war 4" HDs are not common and given what I paid for it I can enjoy having it without guilt or regret.

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Looks great to me! As long as you are happy that's all that counts!

Have fun and enjoy it. Range report!
Interesting how scarcity/rarity will trump all sorts of condition 'issues'.
A nice-looking gun, and one that will probably turn out to be one of the better 'buys'.
Looks like a great platform to work up those "+P+" 38 Special loads that are so harmful to lesser firearms ;}
Personally, I would keep it as is.......but use it as a shooter. looks like a prime cannidate for a Bowen conversion to .44 Spl.. I think that Micheal Sterns has a Bowen conversion. Perhaps he will chime in to discuss his revolver. :ymapplause: Hopefully, he will include a plethora of pictures and details, for all us "wannabes"!!! :D Bob
Sometimes it is the beat and abused guns that bring us the most joy. I’ve had guns that were so nice that I never wanted to shoot them or even touch them, and others so worn that I took them with me everywhere and had a lot of fun with them. :D
I know the feeling SP. One of may favorites is this 38/44 Outdoors man with a chopped barrel and nice aged stags.

Worth much more to me than any collector.
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SP I do believe you showed me this revolver at one of the Little Rock shows a while back.

I think it would make a nice shooter. Sometimes it is nice to find a revolver that you can use without being concerned about damaging the finish.

This is one to use and enjoy.
I think you have a nice shooter, & they aren't being made anymore. Glad someone got it who will enjoy it. Frank
It is a nice gun and no don't send it to Bowen for a chop job-there are other candidates for that! You know where to send it if you ever tire of it! :mrgreen:
I don't modify guns. I just shoot them.

Even though this one is in very sad shape originality wise, I still get email offers to buy it every time I post the photo so it must be special to a few folks out there.

Bill, if I ever decide to sell it I will just ship it off to you.
SaxonPig, S&W made 'em to shoot enjoy it. Nice gun. Frank
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