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Just a shout out for new member obediance. Hi, I'm Jim currently the owner of a SW1911, model 29-4 classic hunter, browning magnum 20 (belguim), Browning buckmark, ruger ranch rifle and 1858 army, benelli super black eagle, fausti o/u, henry lever 22, and winchester model 100. Hopefully we can trade infoand insite in the future. Yak at ya later, thanx,JIM
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Welcome to the forum! welcome01
Your "resume" seems to be short a Ruger :D
In reply, Woodland CA, about 20mi north of Sacratomato. Also, the other reply, which Ruger am I short?.. Let's keep this thread open a response or two. LIFE IS ABOUT RECOIL!! JIM :D
Welcome from Texas, friend!

My suggestion is a Blackhawk! I must tell you though, they are addicting! ;)
Hi and welcome, Jim.
Pretty country where you are!
welcome01 welcome01
Hi jimbos44

A warm welcome to the forum. welcome01

Visit and post often. clapper
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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