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No more ticks!

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This is the real deal. NO MORE TICKS! Like the label says: Do NOT put it directly on your skin! ... llant.html

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Yeah, but.......ya' gotta hold you breath for 2 weeks!!!!! :lol: Bob
Yep, great stuff.....I've been using "permanone" for ticks since the late '80's.

I haven't found anything better since I first found out about Permanone from a forester friend of mine over 20 years ago. It also does a good job on "skeeters & chiggers". One application to your clothes will last all day & more. As you said, be careful to follow the don't want to get it on your bare skin.

I have some of this stuff under a different brand name. I don't often use it, I will backpack it around and I save it for special tick occasions. Like you're in the woods for 5 minutes and you've already picked 3 of them off you kind of occasion.
I should get some of this stuff. I know a wooded sandbar at the opening of a back water on the Saco River where in mid-June the Smallmouths gather. Some are huge. It's a perfect spot to camp out and once the sun sets the Perch run like crazy. The problem is you can't sit down for a minute without a tick climbing on you. And the Saco is a hotbed of Lymes.... that's where I got in 2003.

Armed with this stuff I might be able to actually stay the night and bring back a pile of fish.

Well there goes my love life.
Should have put this up above.
Coulston's Duranon tick repellent is another name for this formula. You spray your clothes, your tent and gear, but never directly on your skin.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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