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Nickel 59??

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Saw a Model 59 no dash today that has not seen much use. It's very clean, 90%+ with the box numbered to the gun. What drew my attention to it is the gray box and nickel finish. First I have seen {or noticed?}Serial A387XXX, $550 OTD. If I bought it, it would be for Barb but it's a bit wide {double stack} for her.
Thoughts any one?
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Go for it! Mid 70's and a bit before I believe they used Grey boxes. I took off some nice STAGS when I added Ivory to this one. Yours for $150.00 if you want them. :D
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I remember in the late 1970's when if you had a Nickle 59 you were IT!

They were more highly sought after than 29's and at the top of the list of the "Money Guns".

Dealers and Distributors used to publish "Wanted To Buy" ads in the Shotgun News and "59-N" was requested constantly.

I know people that paid more than the $550 in 1977 dollars for their 59 Nickle....

My first semi auto S&W was a Nickel plated model 59 in the early 80's.Wish I still had it.
I recall those in the 1970s. In my part of the World they were called "Jamamatics"
im lookin to buy a model 59 nickel in exelent condition and would like to know a little more about it if anyone can help. it belongs to a friend of mine and he wants $500 for it . is that a fair price and how can i find out how old it is i have the serial # but havent found anywhere i can do a search on it to find out when it was manufactured. any information would be great. boyd
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